In an effort to continually improve the Great Dane Pub & Brewing Company, management is offering CASH rewards to any employee who provides ideas that Ted, Matt, Rob and Eliot decide to implement. These ideas can be directed towards increasing sales, reducing expenses, or improving the guest or employee experience. 

If you have an idea that you believe will improve the Dane’s performance, please discuss it with your Kitchen Manager or General Manager. If the manager agrees that the idea has potential, they will assist you in creating a WRITTEN PROPOSAL (email is acceptable) that should be submitted to Ted, Matt, Rob or Eliot. If “The Big 4” decides that your idea should become part of the Great Dane’s procedures or policies, you will receive a cash payment of up to $500. 

The authority to implement an idea and to determine the amount of cash reward that an employee receives will lie completely with the upper management of the Great Dane.  If you feel your idea had merit but was not chosen to be implemented, a member of “The Big 4” will be available to meet with you and discuss your idea and why it was not accepted.